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Islahi Centre UAE

Islahi Movement is a reformist movement who had been striving hard for the last eight decades to uplift the Muslim Community from utter backwardness in all fields — religious, social, educational and cultural.

Kerala Muslims had been keeping up a lot of superstitious beliefs and practices in I the beginning of the 20th century.

They had no means to understand the meaning of Quran themselves, for translation of Quran was prohibited by the then Ulama. The community in general were kept in illiteracy. Women were banned from learning the very art of writing. So a lot of innovations were crept into their belief. Votive offerings were done to the decreased.

Some individual Muslim leaders who were afflicted over this pathetic condition of Muslims made attempts to bring them to the Quranic path. Later Organizations were formed by the reformist movement leaders to work among the common mass and also subordinate organization to work among youth, students and women.

They have been doing a lot of commendable service in the social and cultural fields.Their work bore fruit. Muslim parents sent their children to schools and colleges. So many Educational institutions including women Arabic colleges, arts and science colleges, professional colleges are now maintained by the earlier erities. They have given up a number of superstitious beliefs and a lot of Bidaths (innovations in religion).

This movement is also fighting against TERRORISM and EXTREMISM and seminars, symposia have been conducted to make the Muslims aware of terrorism. 

They started publications of their own through which they wrote against evil dowry (accepting money from the bride’s parents), drug abuse etc. Communalism was also strongly opposed and debates and discussions were conducted to uproot communalism from among Muslims.

Islahi Centre UAE IS the platforms of the followers of Islahi movement living in UAE.